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A system user for brevity or secrecy of communication, in which arbitrarily chosen words, letter or symbols are assigned definite meanings.
If you reread the definition, you may find 'code' curiously synonymous with 'marketing'. The flamboyant language of branding has complicated something once as simple as shampoo - and consumers are angry! But they blame themselves for their bad hair days, when in reality, our category has set them up for failure and confusion.
With new thinking, we hope to unlock the secrecy behind the strands on our heads and harness the brevity amoung the bottles in our aisles. Gone are the days of product graveyards under the sink. Gone are the days of sylists' $70 'must-use' products. Gone are the days of wondering - how she got that look -.
Simplicity is sweet and it is back, baby! We invite you to an engaging world where the destination is better hair and the journey is yours to discover.
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